New Digital Healthcare Masters Degree at the University of Warwick

The University of Warwick are launching a new masters degree in "digital healthcare" which looks very interesting:

Healthcare in a digital age

The Institute of Digital Healthcare, at the University of Warwick is launching a new Masters programme in October 2012 in Digital Healthcare.  The digital revolution has presented significant challenges in the delivery of healthcare for everyone in today’s society. With the aging world population, our approach to healthcare has shifted its focus from the treatment of long-term conditions to the prevention of illnesses and maintenance of healthy lifestyles. We live in a world with tighter fiscal constraints, leading to an increasing patient to healthcare professional ratio, with an obvious need to maintain and improve the standards and quality of healthcare. The proliferation of digital technologies and techniques has provided a new avenue for healthcare providers worldwide to meet these challenges. This paradigm shift has created a pressing need for a bright, well-educated and flexible workforce capable of designing, using and evaluating these technologies, with a thorough understanding of the clinical, engineering, ethical and social constraints surrounding them. 

To meet this need staff at the Institute of Digital Healthcare have developed this new innovative course. The MSc in Digital Healthcare will give students the knowledge and skills to drive, manage and evaluate the advances in technology and techniques that underpin digital healthcare. The programme in Digital healthcare will be offered as an MSc with special focus i.e. MSc in Digital Healthcare (engineering) or MSc in Digital Healthcare (clinical) on a full-time or part-time basis.

A unique feature of the new Masters programme is that students will have different backgrounds and work in supervised multi-disciplinary teams to solve complex real-world problems.  The course will be taught using a flexible framework, allowing modules to be chosen from one of two specialisms (engineering or clinical) to suit the students’ background and best meet their professional development needs.  By working in multi-disciplinary teams across the clinical and engineering specialisms, all students will gain an in-depth understanding of the design constraints seen from both the clinical and engineering perspectives.  This strategy provides unique learning and generic skills development opportunities not offered anywhere else.

The MSc is ideal for:

  • Graduates with a numerate background (e.g. engineering, physics, computing or informatics) who wish to launch their career in the growing digital healthcare sector.
  • Biomedical or clinical engineers and medical physicists who wish to develop innovative career pathways for themselves will find the mix of topics covered highly relevant for their career development.
  • Clinicians (e.g. doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals or healthcare technologists) wishing to explore the potential and impact of digital healthcare and use it to develop innovative care pathways or models of care.
  • Graduates in the biomedical and/or life sciences who are interested in applying their knowledge and skills in the clinical practice setting will find the course particularly relevant.

In order to obtain the MSc students will need to successfully complete nine modules and a dissertation project. The programme also offers a postgraduate diploma (6 taught modules + project or 12 taught modules), postgraduate certificate (6 taught modules), and postgraduate award (3 taught modules).  The taught element of each module is covered in one 40 hour week and is assessed by Post Module Assignment requiring a further 60 hours of in depth study, thus allowing flexibility for those already working and looking to upgrade their skills or for continuous professional education development.

To find out more contact or visit our website:

 Partial studentships are available; the application deadline for these is the end of May 2012.

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