iPad Mini Best Tablet Yet for Doctors and Medical Students?

The iPad Mini looks like a pretty great option for doctors and medical students who work in a setting where they are on their feet all day. The original iPad was much better than a notebook, but, in my opinion, the iPad Mini will be a much bigger hit on the wards than the original iPad.

Luckily, the screen resolution is the same as the iPad 2 which means that this device is going to have lots and medical apps that are ready to install straight away.

Another bonus is the price point, starting at $329 for a wifi only 16GB model. More than adequate for most medical apps.

What do you think - will this new device accelerate further the adoption of mobile computing in hospitals?

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Comment by Chris Paton on October 25, 2012 at 5:07am

By the way, it's interesting to read the thread of comments from the blog post I made when the iPad was launched: http://www.healthinformaticsforum.com/forum/topics/using-an-ipad-fo... - have people changed their minds about this device since it was launched?

Comment by Chris Paton on October 25, 2012 at 3:50am

Anand from Anandtech has done a 'hands on' video of the iPad Mini.


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