Component 3 Unit 1: Understanding Medical Words

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Unit Description

This unit describes the meanings of medical words.


Unit Objectives

By the end of this unit the student will be able to:

  1. Discuss the four parts of medical terms.
  2. Recognize word roots and combining forms.
  3. Identify the most common prefixes and suffixes.
  4. Describe the anatomical positions.
  5. Define the body planes.
  6. Identify regions of the body.
  7. Define directional and positional terms.
  8. Build, divide, spell and pronounce common medical words.


Unit Topics

1a.1 Understanding medical words

1a.2 Parts of a medical term

1a.3 Word and combining forms

1b.1 Common prefixes and suffixes

1b.2 Singular and plural endings

1b.3 Abbreviations

1c.1 Body structure

1c.2 Anatomical positions

1c.3 Body planes

1c.4 Regions of the body

1c.5 Directional and positional terms


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