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During my 8 years plus of working with Physician Practices and 17 years in Software industry, biggest challenge (besides others) faced by the business managers, administrators or clinic owners is selecting an EMR. There are variety of EMRs in the market. Each with a different pricing model and package. The only common aspect is the rising costs of EMR license and support plans.Business Critical:An EMR, EHR, PM (or whatever you want to call it ;-)), is the operationally critical system…
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A new technique to deal with missing data

Recently we succeed completing 2 years work for inventing a new technique to reduce the adverse effect of Missing Data in Iran Peritoneal Dialysis registry. The technique which we named it Time-lining can significantly cure data who comes from disease registries and EHRs. It helped us to get rid of using Imputation and also relying on aggregate functions (e.g. mean) to deal with incomplete data. We also embed it in Hakim EHR.
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India needs IT based health delivery system

New Delhi: The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) International Advisory Panel Chairperson Jeffrey Sachs has called upon India to implement IT based health delivery system in the country. The Columbia University Professor, while praising India's effort for closing gap on the health mission under the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) with the other countries, however, said…
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Clinical governance competition

Dear my friends,Congratulations, I am glad to inform that the implementation of our product: "HAKIM Electronic Health Record" in 15 centers of Iran Diabetes Registry is elected as the best project in Clinical Governance festival among 95 accepted projects of Tehran University. The project is hold by Endocrine and Metabolism Research Center (of TUMS) which has been the distinguished research center in Iran during past 3 years.
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Telemedicine and Electronic Medical Record

Telemedicine – OverviewTo be sure, telemedicine, as a critical subset of the healthcare delivery systems. Telemedicine is more than simply one product. Telemedicine is better described as a delivery of healthcare solution at distant, these services can be delivered through number of available technology solutions in a variety of forms. Certainly the successful business is to sell telemedicine packages as turn-key systems. Further, there are very small privately owned telemedicine…
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How Health care informatics is crippling us.

We know that wider adoption of healthcare information technology (HIT) results in better patient care. Here, in India, most medical students learn to use HIT after they start working as Doctors. Many medical students use the world wide web to study, at a personal level, but institutional use of I.T in Indian Medical colleges and associated hospitals is very low. But here…
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Can anyone give details about the available Interdisciplinary courses in life science/health/ medical informatics in germany..???I am basically a dentist hailing from india..but i am living at germany now..I also dont have issues in the medium of instruction(english or german), as i am learning the german language right now and will be completing in the middle of next year probably..It would be helpful if anyone can share some info about that..Thanks in advance..
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Chris' Blog

Hi Folks, I actually have a few blogs on the go already, but I will try and post here to when I have the chance. Most of my blogging is at but I also have a personal blog at More soon! Chris
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PRAGMEDIC Solutions - Roadmap to the Future

PRAGMEDIC Solutions is a USA based healthcare software solutions provider. The company's stated goal is to facilitate the healthcare industry with its Simple, Effective, and Practical software solutions.PRAGMEDIC platform is a comprehensive network of solutions comprising of vast range of software products and services designed to meet modern healthcare organizations’ information needs. Our combination of flexible, easy to use functionalities makes PRAGMEDIC the software solution of…
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If you are a healthcare provider, an IT professional or interested in healthcare informatics then this blog is for you.Blog Title: eHealthcareITURL: http://eHealthcareIT.blogspot.comDescription:A blog where you can find latest on goings in the Healthcare IT world including hot News, Videos, new Technologies and vital information about information systems including Practice Management Solution, Electronic…
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