Chris Paton posted a blog post
JOB PURPOSE: To develop and support new research initiatives in the field of clinical informatics - the development and use of electronic medical record systems to improve clinical care - in Kenya.
The Health Services Unit led by Prof. Mike English…
May 1
Chris Paton replied to Peter Kozlowski's discussion Medical Graduate looking for honest feedback about job employment after health informatics degree
"Hi Peter, welcome to the forum. I think you need to consider what kind of role you would like to do and then look for the qualifications and/or experience that would be necessary to help you progress in that role.

Have you look at medical informati…"
Feb 11
Chris Paton replied to parabha's discussion job prospects
"Hi Parabha,

HI is quite a wide career with lots of different opportunities, some with high salaries and others with relatively low salaries. The career structure is not very well defined as it is a relatively new area so you can't expect to progre…"
Feb 3
Chris Paton replied to Hugo Moran's discussion job prospects
"Hi Hugo, yes I have heard of it but don't know too much about it. I think some people on this site have studies there if you do a search you might find some connections. Chris"
Jan 30
Chris Paton replied to Patrick's discussion Health Information Management Course
"Hi Patrick, we have a small list of universities offering online degrees here:

Hopefully some of the other members who might have completed one of them could offer you some fee…"
Jan 28
Chris Paton replied to Hugo Moran's discussion job prospects
"I think both areas have considerable potential and will depend on your interests and skills. One thing to mention is that the main thing vendors will be looking for will be experience, so try and build in some experience working on health informatic…"
Jan 24
Chris Paton replied to A W Smith's discussion Career in Health Informatics
"Hi AW, Sounds like you have pretty good qualifications. I would focus on getting experience in managing health informatics projects and working with IT teams. I don't think undergrad CS would be particularly beneficial unless you are interested in p…"
Jan 24
Chris Paton posted a blog post
Google has just joined the PwC team on the Pentagon EHR proposal:
PwC and Google recently announced a joint business relationship where the two organizations will team together to help companies accelerate their journey to and build trust in the clo…
Jan 16
Chris Paton replied to Tony Pham's discussion The format of patient records (EHR/EMR)
"Hi Tony, could you clarify your question a little? Are you asking about the different types of system or the way the data is stored. Most EHR data is stored in a dababase but there are standards for sending records between different systems (such as…"
Jan 9
Chris Paton posted a blog post
Richard MacManus (the founder of the tech website ReadWriteWeb) has written a great book about self-tracking for health called "Trackers". The book is now available for Kindle and iTunes. I'd highly recommend the book for anyone interested in mHealt…
Dec 17, 2014
Chris Paton posted a blog post
Great keynote presentation at LinuxCon by Paul Biondich from OpenMRS about how Open Source software can help in providing healthcare in developing countries.
Dec 16, 2014
Chris Paton replied to DORIS A STEVENSON's discussion Health Informatics Forum
"Hi Doris, thanks for posting. Unfortunately we don't offer a certificate of participation or completion at the moment. Best wishes, Chris"
Dec 16, 2014
Chris Paton posted blog posts
Dec 13, 2014
Chris Paton replied to sairam ruthvik's discussion Help me. Which Masters Course is Appropriate for my Profile?
"Sorry Sairam, I thought you were asking which colleges offered health informatics courses. Your skill set would also be appropriate for many other courses including bioinformatics, epidemiology, MPH, medical statistics. What kind of career are you l…"
Dec 13, 2014
Chris Paton replied to Aamer Choudhry's discussion Career in Health Informatics
"Hi Banji, thanks for posting. I think your decision should depend on your level of interest in public health and what kind of projects you want to work on when you are qualified. A masters then a PhD is going to take a long time, is it necessary to…"
Dec 10, 2014
Chris Paton replied to Beebeejaun Mohammad Reza's discussion The challenges and prospects of ehealth in Mauritius
"Hi Reza, Could you post some more details about your project? I have heard of TPB but do not use it at the moment. It would be interesting to learn more. Best wishes, Chris"
Dec 10, 2014

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