Chris Paton replied to parabha's discussion pg certificate in health informatics
"Hi Parabha, there are many doctors who undertake a PG cert or similar degree in health informatics. Duties normally involve clinical input into health IT projects such as electronic health records implementations although there are many different ro…"
Sep 12
Chris Paton replied to Lawal Azeez's discussion Needs a project topics suggestion
"Hi Lawal,

We have had a few discussions about topics before, you might find it useful to read these threads as well:…"
Sep 12
Chris Paton posted a blog post
Apple has finally announced the new Apple Watch (previously thought to be called the iWatch by many). The product appears to be a unique wearable device that combines as-yet unrevealed sensor technology that connects with the wearer’s skin, an advan…
Sep 12
Chris Paton posted a blog post
The UK government is currently working on a project called Care.Data that will extract healthcare data from doctor's offices and link it with data from hospitals and other government services. When this project was first announced there was a lot of…
Sep 5
Chris Paton replied to CS's discussion What's the best CM software for handling facilities with very different EHR systems?
"I don't know much about specific billing systems but would imagine they would be similar work in setting up the data flows in the same way you would do in Mirth. Have you looked at billing modules of EHRs currently being used to see whether one of t…"
Sep 4
Chris Paton posted a blog post
Google is renowned for its audacious "Moon Shot" projects - recent announcements have included delivery drones, smart contact lenses and google glass.
Now they are working a new project called "Calico" which they have spun out as a separate R&D comp…
Sep 4
Chris Paton replied to CS's discussion What's the best CM software for handling facilities with very different EHR systems?
"Hi CS,

Have you look at integration engines - e.g. Mirth?

Sep 4
Chris Paton replied to Clare's discussion UK Career Advice Sought
"Hi Clare, I think SQL-type courses would probably be useful - especially if you get certifications - e.g - but I think it would be better to talk to potential employers about what they…"
Sep 4
Chris Paton replied to Clare's discussion UK Career Advice Sought
"Hi Clare, have you looked into the Health Informatics Graduate Management Training scheme?

There are some good resources on the HI Careers Framework website: https://www.hicf.o…"
Sep 3
Chris Paton replied to Katrina Powell's discussion Interested in Informatics World Need Direction
"Hi Katrina, welcome to the forum! I would think the best way to get a concise overview of the field would be to try and attend one of the major NI conferences. You'll get to speak to lots of nursing informaticists and be able to attend talks about w…"
Sep 2
Chris Paton posted a blog post
We've previously discussed the use of Drones for Healthcare. Now Google has entered the drone delivery space with Project Wing:

I can imagine a device like this delivering prescriptions to rural patients (as opposed to dog food in the video), or ev…
Aug 31
Chris Paton replied to Ron Vatalaro's discussion Are there any MDs or health practitioners that double as Health Informaticists?
"Hi Ron,

Thanks for your question. I would have a look into the role of CMIO (Chief Medical Information/Informatics Officer). It is now pretty commonplace to have a physician working full-time or part time as a health informatician as a CMIO. From t…"
Aug 27
Chris Paton left a comment for James Legan
"Hi James, welcome to the site! If you want to post your blog post, go to News on the main menu and click "new blog post" on the top right. Cheers, Chris"
Aug 22
Chris Paton replied to Chris Paton's discussion Are you going to APAMI 2014 in New Delhi?
"I'm planning on attending APAMI 2014 - if anyone from the forum is going, let me know. Chris"
Aug 21
Chris Paton left a comment for Juliana Brixey
"Hi Juliana, welcome to the forum! Best wishes, Chris"
Aug 20
Chris Paton replied to siva sankar chichari's discussion Future career in Health informatics?
"Hi Shankar, the job prospects for health informatics are reasonable at the moment as hospitals are rapidly adopting EHR systems.

We have a list of universities (in the US and around the world) that offer Health Informatics Degrees here:

Aug 20

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