Chris Paton posted a blog post
Richard MacManus (the founder of the tech website ReadWriteWeb) has written a great book about self-tracking for health called "Trackers". The book is now available for Kindle and iTunes. I'd highly recommend the book for anyone interested in mHealt…
Dec 17
Chris Paton posted a blog post
Great keynote presentation at LinuxCon by Paul Biondich from OpenMRS about how Open Source software can help in providing healthcare in developing countries.
Dec 16
Chris Paton replied to DORIS A STEVENSON's discussion Health Informatics Forum
"Hi Doris, thanks for posting. Unfortunately we don't offer a certificate of participation or completion at the moment. Best wishes, Chris"
Dec 16
Chris Paton posted blog posts
Dec 13
Chris Paton replied to sairam ruthvik's discussion Help me. Which Masters Course is Appropriate for my Profile?
"Sorry Sairam, I thought you were asking which colleges offered health informatics courses. Your skill set would also be appropriate for many other courses including bioinformatics, epidemiology, MPH, medical statistics. What kind of career are you l…"
Dec 13
Chris Paton replied to Aamer Choudhry's discussion Career in Health Informatics
"Hi Banji, thanks for posting. I think your decision should depend on your level of interest in public health and what kind of projects you want to work on when you are qualified. A masters then a PhD is going to take a long time, is it necessary to…"
Dec 10
Chris Paton replied to Beebeejaun Mohammad Reza's discussion The challenges and prospects of ehealth in Mauritius
"Hi Reza, Could you post some more details about your project? I have heard of TPB but do not use it at the moment. It would be interesting to learn more. Best wishes, Chris"
Dec 10
Chris Paton replied to Nazneen Pervin's discussion International Classification of Disease ICD-10
"Hi Nazneed, this is an interesting topic. Are you talking about ICD-10 generally or for specific illnesses. It can be mapped to the CIEL Dictionary in OpenMRS which is quite often used as an EMR in developing countries:…"
Dec 10
Chris Paton replied to sairam ruthvik's discussion Help me. Which Masters Course is Appropriate for my Profile?
"Hi Sairam,

We have a list of US universities that offer HI courses here:

I would advise going through the list and looking at the profiles of each of the courses so see which o…"
Dec 10
Chris Paton replied to Brook Tesfaye's discussion M&E Digest
"Hi Brook, do you mean "Monitoring and Evaluation"? How are you getting on with preparing the document - what kind of data are you including?

Dec 10
Chris Paton replied to Malkia's discussion Data Visualizations
"Hi Malkia, thanks for your post. Would you care to expand on the use of visualisation in healthcare? Is your course on Health Informatics?"
Dec 10
Chris Paton replied to Pravallika's discussion Health informatics Vs Bioinformatics
"Hi Pravallika - which one did you choose?"
Dec 10
Chris Paton replied to peta sujith's discussion Is Masters in HI job secre field? Can i make a good future in this field?
"Hi Peta, the career prospects for qualified and experience health informatics professionals are good but experience is key. We have had many reports on this forum of new graduates from masters and certificate courses finding difficulties without exp…"
Dec 10
Chris Paton replied to Bob Hoyt's discussion Health Informatics Resource Center Updated
"Looks like a great resource Bob. Best wishes, Chris"
Dec 10
Chris Paton replied to B.kavitha's discussion NURSING INFORMATICS IN INDIA
"Thanks for posting, I'm sure this information will be of interest to our forum members from India. Best wishes, Chris"
Dec 10
Chris Paton posted a blog post
Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo, Mozambique
“Building Quality Systems, Delivering Useful Data”
The Ministry of Health in Mozambique is in the process of publishing National Standards and Guidelines for Patient-Level Systems, which will be supp…
Dec 10

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    I have just joined this forum and taking MOOC "Introduction to Health IT System". I want to know whether I ll get any certificate upon successful completion and can I highlight this undertaken course on my linkedin profile.

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  • Thanks, Chris! I am glad to have found my way here!
  • Many thanks - I look forward to being here!

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