Chris Paton replied to naif murayshid's discussion the courses not working , try to fixed pleas as possible
"Hi Naif, please can you check the you have flash installed?"
Jun 1
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"Welcome to the forum Nnam!"
Feb 27
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"Welcome Najeeb!"
Dec 13, 2017
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Aug 29, 2017
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"Hi Daphne, you can enable Flash following these steps:"
Aug 29, 2017
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"Thanks for the update Peter - looks like you are doing great work!"
Aug 16, 2017
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"Hi Folks, you need to use a laptop or PC to access the lectures as they use Flash which doesn't work on an iPad or iPhone."
May 8, 2017
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"The HIMSS suggestion is a good one. What kind of role are you looking for when you graduate?"
May 6, 2016
Chris Paton replied to Zesan Zahid's discussion For Health Informatics Lecturer Jobs
"Hi Zesan, I would try contacting the universities in UAE/Saudi directly and see what their plans are for the health informatics departments. We have a jobs board on this site ( but most of the list…"
May 6, 2016
Chris Paton replied to Fernandez Ogbuji's discussion What certifications are supplemental after a masters in health informatics
"Hi Fernandez, I would say getting some experience is the most important thing if you don't have any. If you can align a masters project with real world experience with a company or hospital it would look better than a certificate on you CV in my min…"
May 6, 2016
Chris Paton replied to Avilia C's discussion Health Information Exchange questions
"There are some projects in the UK that aim to address this issue:

e-Referrals (Choose and Book) - this system allows GPs to send electronic information to specialists when they refer a patient and also allows the patient to update appointments etc…"
Apr 30, 2016
Chris Paton replied to Greg B.'s discussion Opportunities and the Future of the Health and Imaging Informatics Field
"Hi Maia, sorry for the long delay replying. I would recommend attending some of the HINZ events and networking with other health IT professionals in New Zealand. If you go to you will find a list of events and people who you can talk…"
Apr 20, 2016
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"Hi Dr Sheetal, unfortunately it looks like iHealthbeat has now shut down so is not available."
Mar 12, 2016
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"Hi Peter, look forward to seeing your students on the forum! Good luck with the new course. Chris"
Jan 16, 2016
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"Hi Nikky, I wouldn't think there would be too much mathematics in a health informatics programme but some understanding of medical statistics would probably be required. There are some good online courses on medical statistics if you need some extra…"
Jan 16, 2016
Chris Paton replied to Arthi Vamsi's discussion What certifications we can apply for by going through these MOOC courses in Health Informatics?
"Hi Arthi, unfortunately we don't offer certificates for completing the MOOC courses at the moment. There are some other health informatics MOOCs on coursera and EdX I believe that do offer certificates.

Best wishes, Chris"
Jan 9, 2016

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  • Dear Chris

    Could you helpe me ....please

    Subject : Electronic Medical Records EMR
    Training course / Internship

    Dear Mr Chris

    I am majed rateb mohammad al-Khatib


    Jordan- Irbid

    Bachelor of
    Business Administration

    Yarmouk University

    diploma in secretarial, medical record

    Balqa Applied University

    I am working in

    the Jordanian Armed Forces

    -the Royal Medical Services,

    -Prince Rashed Abn Al Hassan Hospital

      I am looking for
    A training position
    in the field of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) .

    The training period needed is two months 

    which I have a sponsorship that will cover my expenses (volunteer trainer).

    The training sponsorship
    is provided
    my current employer
    the Royal Medical Services
    the Jordan Armed Forces
    Jordan (my country).

    This is a full sponsorship that will cover
    my tickets,
    monthly allowances, medical insurance
    relocation expenses for
    the training period.

    The position has to be in the field of Medical Records 
    the new technologies   in this field


    we can benefit from when I go back to work in the proposed new center
    the Royal Medical Services.  

    I hope you will be able to help develop my skills in this field of EMR
    the benefit of humanity

    I am Looking to back from
    you soon

      Best Regards

    Majed Alkahtib
    Jordinian Armed Forces,
    Royal Medical Services,
    Prince Rashed Abn Alhassan Hospital

  • My staff members are very intrigued by your forum and the courses that are available, however, we do have a few questions. What is awarded upon completion of the courses? How soon after your enrolled do you start the course work? Can you enroll in multiple courses at the same time?

    Thank you in advance for your info and assistance.

  • Hi Chris,

    I have just joined this forum and taking MOOC "Introduction to Health IT System". I want to know whether I ll get any certificate upon successful completion and can I highlight this undertaken course on my linkedin profile.

    Warm regards,



  • Hi,


    Please give me the link for following course




  • Thank you, Chris! It's great to be on this forum!

  • Thanks Chris!


  • Thanks for the warm welcome Chris!

  • Thanks, Chris! I am glad to have found my way here!
This reply was deleted.


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