Wang Xiang replied to Neky Nitbani's discussion Best Place to Study Publlic Health Informatics
"Neky you did not specify the place where you wanna take admission?
if you will specify the country or place you will get good suggestions from readers."
Mar 14
Wang Xiang replied to Pravallika's discussion Health informatics Vs Bioinformatics
"Interest and learning aptitude is the main key for success in any field.
if you are having keen interest in a specific field and good learning aptitude every field is good for you."
Mar 14
Wang Xiang replied to Ravina khatri's discussion Health Informatics vs Bioinformatics
"Thanks for raising issue that many of us can take benefit from this."
Mar 14
Wang Xiang replied to Annie's discussion Graduate Certificate vs Undergraduate Certificate in Healthcare Care Informatics
"good suggestion indeed which Joseph Ibiok E have given you."
Mar 14
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Mar 14
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Mar 9




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