Bob Hoyt replied to Anusha's discussion Masters in health informatics is it a good option ?
"There are more than 50 Masters in Health Informatics programs in the United States and all are slightly different. That includes the prerequisites, core and elective courses. Many now are completely online. Have you gone to AMIA's web page and used…"
Jan 6, 2017
Bob Hoyt replied to Bob Hoyt's discussion Are you using Open-source EHRs?
"Only VistA is mean for inpatient care. OpenEMR and OpenMRS are intended for outpatients. Please take a look at LibreHealth EHR which is a blend of the two.

We are currently conducting a needs assessment to see…"
Dec 25, 2016
Bob Hoyt replied to Ravina khatri's discussion Health Informatics vs Bioinformatics
"At Georgetown Biomedical Informatics and Bioinformatics both deal with the human genome. If you have a Doctorate in Pharmacy I would think Purdue's Health Informatics program would be the better choice. They offer both a Masters and PhD program.....…"
Nov 4, 2016
Bob Hoyt replied to Sowmya Murali's discussion Certificate course
"An associate's degree might not be adequate to gain a job in healthcare today. Most hospitals and vendors want you to have a BS, plus experience in healthcare AND experience implementing some system in the hospital"
Nov 2, 2016
Bob Hoyt replied to Harsha Manukonda's discussion Biomedical informatics Vs Healthcare informatics
"The AMIA would separate biomedical informatics from Health Informatics, but in reality they are the same (in the United States). Don't get overly concerned about titles. Look at the course required for the Master's degree and keep in mind that you m…"
Nov 2, 2016
Bob Hoyt commented on Chris Paton's blog post Ebook: Evidence-Based Health Informatics by Elske Ammenwerth, Michael Rigby
"Dr. Ammenwerth has for years been pushing form more evidenced based health informatics. Most early studies are poorly done resulting in questionable results that are not likely to be generalizable to most clinics and hospitals. While it is difficult…"
Sep 8, 2016
Bob Hoyt replied to James Hadley's discussion Please suggest some real-time Remote Patient Monitoring Websites.
"As a physician with 40 years experience in taking care of diabetics, I think you are making a big mistake in thinking telemedicine can substitute for consistent care with the same physician. I'm assuming you are young and have type 1 diabetes, which…"
Apr 7, 2016
Bob Hoyt replied to Bryan Orr's discussion Thinking About Health Informatics, but need Insight
"You should take a look at the subject matter contained in the Health Informatics MOOC course offered on this web site. This will give you a pretty idea about the subject matter.
Education is very important but healthcare systems also want you to ha…"
Apr 7, 2016
Bob Hoyt replied to YR's discussion Health Informatics
"Given your MPH and BSN you probably only need a certificate in Health Informatics because the technical expertise is something many hospitals and HIT vendors are willing to teach you...Bob Hoyt"
Apr 7, 2016
Bob Hoyt left a comment for Vasudev Lokesh
"Many universities offer all of their courses online so you should check to see if it would be possible to get your Masters degree from a US university while living in India. There are a lot of good programs in the US. Here is the link to the AMIA li…"
Mar 1, 2016
Bob Hoyt replied to dr.Bhagyashri's discussion online certification and job opportunities
"I certainly agree with the fact there are many good informatics programs out there but a word of caution. Employers (hospitals, HIT vendors, etc.) want people with experience working in healthcare and working with technology. This means that the ave…"
Feb 19, 2016
Bob Hoyt replied to Hagos Kassa's discussion web-based appointment
"Many industries including healthcare are allowing people to schedule appointments by viewing the schedule online. This saves phone calls and reducing human interaction. Here is a list of some of the software available in the non-healthcare world: ht…"
Feb 19, 2016
Bob Hoyt commented on Chris Paton's blog post Google Joins Open Source EHR Bid for $11bn Pentagon Contract
"I hope the DOD opts for this solution as their prior EHR, known as AHLTA was hugely unsuccessful. They should develop open source open standards, in my opinion"
Feb 23, 2015
Bob Hoyt commented on Chris Paton's blog post HL7 FHIR Project Argonaut
"This was the hottest topic at AMIA 2014. We will see at least a few large EHR companies use an open or public API, specifically FHIR. The hope is that developers will create helpful "apps" that integrate with EHRs to do innovative things not current…"
Jan 20, 2015
Bob Hoyt replied to peta sujith's discussion Is Masters in HI job secre field? Can i make a good future in this field?
"I would clearly finish your Doctor of Pharmacy degree and try to specialize in pharmacy informatics. In other words, pharmacists must rely on data from electronic health records, eMars, barcoding and so forth. If you have hospital experience, a cert…"
Dec 1, 2014
Bob Hoyt replied to Pravallika's discussion Health informatics Vs Bioinformatics
"Be sure you are not confusing Biomedical informatics with bioinformatics. The former is very broad and includes Health Informatics; Bioinformatics deals with genomics, pharmacogenomics, etc."
Dec 1, 2014

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