Health Informatics Degrees and Certificates

Health Informatics Degrees and Certificates

This page contains links to Health Informatics Degree and Certificate programs at universities and colleges. 

We list academic institutions that offer undergraduate, masters, post-graduate certificates and diplomas and other taught courses on Health Informatics.

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Legal Cases/Health IT Law Case Studies

Greetings! I'm looking for recent (within the past year or so), freely available (preferably online) legal cases and/or case studies involving Health Informatics Law, to be used as discussion points for students in an Introductory Legal Aspects of Health IT course. I've looked quite a bit and haven't found too much. Anyone know of some good resources? Thanks!

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Job outlook

I was hoping to find a few folks out there who could give me some guidance. I'm a physician assistant and have been practicing for 10 years. I'm strongly considering a transition into healthcare it. I have a strong clinical background, and have a good handle on computer implementation. I was hoping someone could reach out and provide me with a job outlook given my background.Thanks,Jason

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2 Replies · Reply by Jason cline yesterday

Impact of Online Health Communities on Patient-Physician Dialogue

Hello, my name is Akash Patel. I am a student at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. I am currently working on my thesis on the use of online health communities and their impact on enhancing patient-physician dialogue. I would like to gather data on how the abundance of health information found online has changed the dynamic in the traditional patient-physician relationship. It would be appreciated if patients, physicians, and/or anyone who looks for health information online can…

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I want to generate all the HL7 ADT messages i.e. A01 to A49 and combine it in single message and send to one HIE system using Mirth connect. I want the sample messages of all the types of ADT message. Please provide sample messages of all the ADT types and does any one know how to generate this using Mirth Connect. Data is stored in one database and I want to fetch data & generate all types of ADT message & combine into one ADT message. Thanks.

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1 Reply · Reply by Dr Sheetal Kurkule on Monday

Admission Open for M.Sc. Health Informatics @ Manipal University, Manipal, INDIA

Dear Members, Department of Health Information Management, School of Allied Health Sciences, pleased to announce the admission for the 2nd batch of M.Sc. Health Informatics. Please find attached herewith the detailed brochure for your reference. For admission related query, you can contact: Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sinha Program Coordinator & Associate Professor Department of Health Information Management School of Allied Health Sciences Manipal University, Manipal – 576 104 Karnataka, INDIA Phone:…

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What it takes to implement and opensource EMR in a developing country

Hi all, I am trying to find out what it really takes to support a successful implementation of an open source EMR/EHR in a developing country.I posted these questions in another forum and now posting them here to see if I can get input from a wider group of people. 1. What does it take in terms of human resources-qualifications?? 2. Roughly how much time would one need to invest in terms of support? 3. How would you manage system upgrades/updates?? Presuming the system is not a pilot hence the…

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18 Replies · Reply by Cynthia Akosua Antwi-Dodoo Mar 13

clinical or technical

Hello, I just received an email from my college about placements. They asked me where would i like to fit in? clinical placement or technical placement. I am a dentist, so have clinical knowledge, but not sure if i can grow in clinical placements. What do guys think? I want to climb up the ladder in my job. im ready to fit it any placement provided it gves me opprtunity to grow in that field. I dont want t o get stuck in one chair, one job for lifelong. Suggestions please.

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Medical Graduate looking for honest feedback about job employment after health informatics degree

Hi. I finished medical school and am looking into health informatics degrees online. I found several places that offer it. My question being what can i really do with it persay? I mean whats the job market like as far as thats concerned. Everywhere i hear how much you can make depending 100k+ a year blah blah there's lots of demand for tech savy people in the health field,etc But not real honest responses about what positions really hire those with a masters in health informatics. I understand…

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1 Reply · Reply by Chris Paton Feb 11