Health Informatics Degrees and Certificates

Health Informatics Degrees and Certificates

This page contains links to Health Informatics Degree and Certificate programs at universities and colleges. 

We list academic institutions that offer undergraduate, masters, post-graduate certificates and diplomas and other taught courses on Health Informatics.

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How can I landing a Health Informatics position with no experience in Informatics?

Hello, I have a B.S. in Health Information Management and I am currently enrolled in a M.S. in Health Informatics program.  I have six years health care experience all of which is in HIM.  I have had several interviews for health informatics/health IT postions throughout the years but I am having trouble landing the job.  In some cases I am intervew two to three times for a position.  Is there a certification or any suggestions anyone may have to help me land a job in health informatics?   …

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Biomedical informatics Vs Healthcare informatics

Hello everyone I am Harsha. I studied Masters in Foods and Nutrition and worked as Community Nutritionist for 2 yrs in India.When I was browsing for the carrier prospects in health care I came across Masters in Health Informatics and Masters in Biomedical informatics. Can you please throw some light on the difference between Health informatics and Biomedical informatics? and also the carrier prospects of both. I wanted to pursue the one among the two depending on the discussion. Please propose…

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You can finally request your medical records online in Canada through Dot Health

Hello everyone, I'm Layan from Dot Health, my co-founder and I have been working on addressing the hassle, costs and time wasted when it comes to requesting your medical health records. Anyone that's gone through this process knows how much of a pain it is and so we've built Dot Health. Dot Health is a tool that allows you to request your Canadian medical records online, store them and securely access them. Dot Health's mission is to make you the champion of your own health by reducing cost…

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1 Reply · Reply by James Hadley on Tuesday

Certificate course

I am a student in an Associate's degree program in Health Information Technology. I am interested in working for the IT department at the hospital. I have not done any computer courses but I have basic understanding of databases. Can someone guide me as to what additional qualification or additional courses I would need to be part of IT team in a hospital?

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Starting school

Hi everyone,I have a bachelor degree in liberal arts and science and been working as a respiratory therapist for 2 years in a hospital based environment. As a respiratory therapist, I work everywhere through out the hospital in the clinical settings from ER, nicu, intensive care ect... I would like to pursue a career in masters of healthcare informatics but I'm not sure if it's the right decision as I have no IT background.My questions are, would I be of disadvantage in the program and work…

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6 Replies · Reply by Sue Johnson on Tuesday

Guidance on Health Informatics

Hi All, Greetings! I really want some good advice on following questions. Quick background -->I recently moved to Boston from India and i have done Bachelors Of Dental Surgery in India. Currently i am looking forward to pursue MS in Health Informatics, but i have a few queries which i would really appreciate good advice on. 1) Being a Dentist, is the given field, a good choice for me, as i have zero knowledge in the IT section and would it be that hard for me to cope up as i am from a…

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1 Reply · Reply by Nidhi Jul 1

We need your help for class.

Hello everyone!   We are working on a group project for school and could really use some help. The objective of this project is to improve the checking-in process at clinics and hospitals. The goal is to go completely paperless and develop an electronic solution to this tedious task. Please take the short survey below, any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Beta testing for Free Cloud Health Informatics system

Hi! My start-up is developing a free health informatics system which runs on our cloud. Our mission is to build a global cloud based health informatics system, which individual doctors and small clinics could use for free. So basically you will be able to register your own clinic for free and start using the system. The system is currently on beta testing, so please don't use real information at the moment. Feel free to test the system. Please post you…

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