Health Informatics Degrees and Certificates

Health Informatics Degrees and Certificates

This page contains links to Health Informatics Degree and Certificate programs at universities and colleges. 

We list academic institutions that offer undergraduate, masters, post-graduate certificates and diplomas and other taught courses on Health Informatics.

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Job opportunity

Dear all, I am an Egyptian doctor, 41 years old with a master degree in ophthalmology and another MBA from USA in 2012. Until today, I am a practising doctor butbI am planning to make a career shift to health informatics field. I am planning to enroll into online master in health informatics from university of Illinois Chicago. My question is, based on my background, and being a non American with zero experience in the field of health informatics, can I find a job in USA in that field after I…

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Care homes, Clinics, and Medical Software

We have an excellent software for care homes, clinics, and medicals that is aimed at making the entire healthcare system planning easy and effective, all packed in one single software. 1. Rostering- This helps in scheduling jobs and assigning tasks to available members2. Patient Care Management- Core of the system and involves all stages of patient admission and discharge.3. Bed Occupancy Planning- For smooth inpatient management system that is fully integrated with admissions as well as…

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African Venture

I am interested in ethics and my main objective is to become a professor in that field. I have been working in Africa assisting cancer, malaria and HIV patients in their home care. I thank the American and the commonwealth organizations assisting in fundings aimed at improving the health of Africans. If you wish to work in Africa, kindly contact me. thank you. 

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1 Reply · Reply by OMOTAYO BUNMI OMOJOLA Jan 17

Spreadsheet-based Software Framework (SSF)

Our Spreadsheet-based Software Framework (SSF) is used to build apps that reimagine what spreadsheets can do. SSF apps provide new ways to take advantage of a spreadsheet’s power, flexibility, and simplicity. At the core of an SSF app are grids composed of millions of spreadsheet cells. Each cell is a content container with a built-in computation engine that provides a rich set of capabilities for inputting, storing, modifying, calculating and displaying data (described below). SSF apps…

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Whole Person Integrated Care

We recently presented a paper at the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference that describes Whole Person Integrated Care (WPIC). WPIC is a transformative healthcare delivery strategy that uses novel health IT to spur lasting improvements health-related services by addressing long-standing problems including inadequate patient engagement, wide care cost variations not associated quality, and insufficient evidence-based decision support. WPIC’s goal is to improve people's health and…

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suggestions for study in clinical trials

Hi everyone. My name is Alia Rehman and I have recently started my MSc in Health Informatics in London,UK. I have started looking into possible ideas/topics for my dissertation. My initial interests are community based clinical trials and to study their role/part if any, in EHR models and systems.  I need suggestions please like what specific questions I should start looking into and to further elaborate these questions into possible hypothesis for my study?? hope to hear your advises and…

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2 Replies · Reply by alia rehman Oct 26, 2017

What do hospital admins need to consider when it comes to tech?

Hi all, My name is Jack Murtha. I started this week as senior editor of Healthcare Analytics News, a website and magazine covering the nexus of healthcare and technology. The publication has been around for a few months, but we're ramping up our efforts now. One point that we're very much interested in is how hospital administrators are adapting to this increasingly high-tech environment--and what they should know or do. We recently spoke with Dr. William Winkenwerder, CEO of the startup…

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1 Reply · Reply by Jaya Chaturvedi Oct 26, 2017