As most have probably experienced, my facility has physicians that see/treat a full patient load during the day, attend hospital patients at night, spend weekends on call, and dictate charts till late hours on a daily basis.

It is the IT's initiative to increase these crucial employee's satisfaction by mitigating late night dictation. We currently use voice dictation, however, this is still time consuming. What do other facilities do? We have an EMR coming but at an unknown date. Can tablet PC's be used in the patient rooms to dictate info and save time while maintaining accuracy?

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Dear Kenny, to save time, better is to use tablet PC with speech recognition and/or handwriting recognition.

handwritten option is great as user writes in normal way as he/she writes on paper and tablet PC converts user input into proper form and user can do it while treating patient during consultaion time to avoid extra time for dictation and also save time, require for a transcribed note.

In tablet PCs, built in speech recognition quality is not always good. Accuracy rate from speech to text conversion is usually 70%. there are 3rd party speech recognition softwares available which can be used e.g. Dragon ( )

@Kenny Green. 


I am writing here because I haven't joined the group and therefore can't reply directly to your thread.

Maybe you find smart pen as a better option. Even though doctors use speech recognition techniques to record the patient data, they tend to write it more in details. They feel that they are safer when they write down complains, symptoms etc. 


Maybe you will try this option


While writing you acquire digital format of the written data and the pen itself has speech recording function. Maybe you will record your speeches during the day and use speech recognition software on your normal desktop later for transferring recorded data to computer, preferably to EHR. 




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