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If anyone need a healthcase complete soluation please let me know. I'm working to develope a Healthcare soluation fr last 8 Year in Bangladesh. And I have developed a system which is running many hospital in Bangladesh. 

Foyaz01@gmail.com is my mail address. Please let me know if I can Help you.


With Thanks

Foyaz Ahmed


Crystal Technology Bangladesh.


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Kindly describe your system.

Dear Peter

Thanks for your Interest. I can Support you about the following issues.

if you want to know more please inform me.


EHMS is a complete computer based hospital management solution that facilitates patients, physicians and management staff to provide quality services and better patient management care with efficiency. Total EHMS generates relevant statistical data that help management authority to identify the gaps for improving the quality of services as well as to run the business effectively. EHMS is a combination of different modules. Each module developed to improve the collaboration efficiency, decrease the communication cost, and optimize knowledge management and to ensure perfect workflow.


Patient registration & appointments  

Emergency/Out patient management  

Day Care/In patient (Ward) management  

OT management  

Donor Management

Blood bank  

Diet & Nutrition  

Pathology/Imaging Management  

Medical Record (MRD)  



Out & In Patient billing  

Inventory management (Pharmacy and Materials)  

Finance & accounting  


Information Desk  

Bed (ATD) management  

Human resource management (HRM), admin and pay roll  

Management information system (MIS)  

Asset Management System  


Vehicle Management  

Food and Beverage

Laundry & house keeping

Facilities management

Infection control management

Management information system

Online management information system



 With Thanks

Foyaz Ahmed




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