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Certificate course

I am a student in an Associate's degree program in Health Information Technology. I am interested in working for the IT department at the hospital. I have not done any computer courses but I have basic understanding of databases. Can someone…

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1 Reply · Reply by Bob Hoyt Nov 2, 2016

World's Largest EHR?

Hi all,

I am doing some research on the worlds largest health data repositories (EHR systems) by number of patient records held.  

I am facing problems in getting information due to very limited current literature.

Maybe you…

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10 Replies · Reply by S Omwenga Sep 21, 2016


Hello everyone

My name is Egbe and I am new in Informatics field. I have a Bachelors degree in Health Administration in 2014 and I am working on my Masters degree in Health Informatics. Now I do not have any clinical or informatics…

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3 Replies · Reply by Sue Johnson Jul 26, 2016

Guidance on Health Informatics

Hi All,


I really want some good advice on following questions. Quick background -->I recently moved to Boston from India and i have done Bachelors Of Dental Surgery in India. Currently i am looking forward to pursue MS…

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1 Reply · Reply by Nidhi Jul 1, 2016


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