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Hi all,

I am a healthcare professional, looking forward to pursue masters in health informatics. For an interview (after 10days) i need to prepare a 5min presentation on any topic in health informatics. It would be really great if you give…

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Liver Cancer

Hello everyone! I Hope you are Fine.I ask Some Queation Today.Please reply me.

Topic about liver cancer answer the Following question.

  • Can the cancer be removed with surgery?
  • What do you recommend and why?
  • What is…

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Need Guidance

Hello everyone,

My name is Tope. Please I need guidnace on what health informatics is all about. Linnks to video about the course. I am a biochemist but will like to diversify into the core health sector using technology. Please what do I…

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Job opportunity

Dear all, I am an Egyptian doctor, 41 years old with a master degree in ophthalmology and another MBA from USA in 2012. Until today, I am a practising doctor butbI am planning to make a career shift to health informatics field. I am planning to…

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