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Where to Store Info in DICOM

(Post is based on my question!topic/comp.protocols.dicom/DO4fT1e1z7Q which hasn't been answered yet but I need the information rather soon.)

I'm extremely new to DICOM so please don't flame me if this is obvious but I've looked around and can't figure out how to store the following information. 

For an ultrasound, I've looked up the relevant tags for storing information here 

Let's say you've done a fetal ultrasound and come up with the following measurements (completely fictional): 

Fetal Heartrate: 130 
Fetal Stomach Condition: Everything OK 
Fetal Bladder Condition: Everything OK 

Only the heartrate tag of (0018,1088) seems like the obvious place to put the heartrate. But what about the stomach and bladder observations? The only thing I could see as remotely relevant would be (0008,2218) and (0008,2228) which describe the anatomical areas of interest. However, this seems like a bit of a stretch. 

Is storing all these kinds of information outside the scope of DICOM and requires your own SQL DB? 

Thank you for your advice in advanced. 

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