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Hi all,

My name is Jack Murtha. I started this week as senior editor of Healthcare Analytics News, a website and magazine covering the nexus of healthcare and technology. The publication has been around for a few months, but we're ramping up our efforts now.

One point that we're very much interested in is how hospital administrators are adapting to this increasingly high-tech environment--and what they should know or do.

We recently spoke with Dr. William Winkenwerder, CEO of the startup Cureatr, which helps hospitals deal with these issues. He had some interesting ideas on where the industry is going and what executives can do now. A sample: "At the end of the day, your IT vision needs to relate to your business, and who you want to be, and how you want to perform. It’s always in service to that, not just an independent pursuit of neat gadgetry." (Here's the full Q&A.)

Anyone have any thoughts on this? What are common mistakes? How about easy-to-implement or often-overlooked solutions?


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