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Telemedicine Opportunities in China (2 topics)

2 loosely associated topics, catch any, and to connect dots if you are interested: 

1. Harris Corp. is heading down the path of providing telemedicine infrastructure services globally. One pilot project is already established, Harris has connected the cancer center in Hyderabad, India with Johns Hopkins hospital in Maryland, US, hosting and cross-continentally transferring imaging and clinical information. 
Who are Harris? - Harris has over 7000 scientists and engineers providing communication and intelligence services to government functions (in the past), now it's becoming the prominent health IT provider. We are building open source Health Information Exchange national network (NHIN CONNECT) in the US. We develop open source "universal" Radiology Imaging and Viewer solutions.

2. Harris also developed the streaming video broadcasting capacity to deliver medical education courses using telemedicine. Along the same line, this network can deliver on demand clinical decision support content to doctors, much in a way like the "physician's desk reference". 

Why T-med in China? The following is my rationale: 

1) China’s Ministry of Health has a plan to train 800, 000 primary care providers in a very short period of time. These new village physicians (bare-foot doctors) need telemedicine support, especially in triage. 

2) Several medical universities visited University of California's telemedicine program, they want to get help from UC Davis school of medicine to deliver medical education courses using telemedicine. 

3) A Shanghai company is developing videos and accompanying clinical content 
for medical education to target this market. This company may have already built good relationship with medical universities and the ministry of health. 

4) So I thought... if someone will host such medical training videos and the clinical information/knowledge/instructions, on the cloud, to deliver the courses on demand to any media player device on any platform -mobile devices, university TV station, TV above the hospital bed, video conference, billboard, etc... This kind of broadcasting can be generated from anywhere in the world, it is Internet based. The subscription of content will be role based, subject based, scenario based, symptom/observation based, etc... and we shall make the portal application to enroll trainees and assign them with the role and authority. The users can select the course content, delivery options. And we can tract their educational credit, to report to the Ministry of Health. 

... then we may help to solve the problem of training and maintaining 800,000 new PCPs. 

5)One step further, while these fresh and green village physicians need clinical decision support during triage or chronic disease management, ... Go figure, it's the same infrastructure.  

The market seems wide open and the demand is high. However, we don't understand the business requirements: who are the payers, what are the related laws and policies from the Ministry of Health, who would be the best persons to talk to, etc... 

Anybody in China, please help me! 

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