I am a registered nurse (BSN) with a strong interest in information technology. I do not like bed-side nursing but like the idea of nursing. I want to go back to school but I'm not sure if nursing informatics or health informatics will be a better career path for me. What are the job prospect/satisfaction of either? Please help!

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hi mina am also completed BSN,am doing msc medical informatics in india
,,,i think am also encountered same probs ....if u to go to nrsing informatis,u should hav knowledge
IT and nursing work experience,,,if u need more on this i want know about ur intrst in NI
Hi I am a BSN student in my last year and am interested in what a nurse informatics specialist does, and how do you become certified or what credentials are required.
I am not a nurse but work closely with a few Nurses in the informatics realm. From a skills perspective I do not think it matters as much whether you got a degree in medical informatics or nursing informatics. The foci are quite aligned. What is truly important is what you want to do with the degree. if you are interested in Leading Health IT implementations, Clinical Staff Education or working as a HIT analyst I believe you can go either way. However if you want to limit your attention span to Nursing specific I.T implementations or Nursing Quality , perhaps the Nursing Informatics degree works.

All in all there is alot people and project management in informatics. Working with folks from divergent backgrounds and disciplines and influencing decisions. So far with the HITECH ACT, the job potentials are immense. However, it does help to know what you want.
The key is to identify your specific interest, and find a program that meets that need.
I'd also be interested in more information to better understand the certification needed for nursing informatics.
Hi mina

because of scientific and economic context that your country have , i think you should focus on your interested research area . certainly Health informatics have a wider conceptual context but this is more important for technical professionals. it seems there are new research areas for make better healthcare delivery and empower patients and enable them to become active participants in their healthcare.

I am only a nursing student, however, if bed-side nursing is not your thing, I think a path in nursing informatics is right for you. The other day in my nursing informatics class, we watched a short film on telehealth. With telehealth, you can connect to a client in their home through video. You can also take vital signs with machines from a country away! I think this idea is very fun and interesting and has many benefits. Just a thought..
Hello Amanda , I am also a RN -BSN student and am interested in telehealth potential . If you can direct me to any resources on the topic I would appreciate it. Thanks , Frederick Pelczynski RN
Hello Mina, I am also a nurse and would suggest that if you do want to go back to school then study health informatics. Keep your options open!

Does it appear, in anyone’s research, that obtaining a degree in medical informatics provides greater venues for growth that a degree in nursing informatics?



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