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I am a graduate student in Healthcare Administration and wish to transfer for 

Health Informatics for Fall-2012. I would like to know few good(state) Universities in USA, with simple curriculum and with affordable tuition fee for International students. Students or members, who are part of this forum can share their valuable information and guide others who anticipate a career in HI like me. 

Moreover I would like to make friends with members who are pursuing their masters degree now or done with it. So, as to share and care for each other in resp. HI career

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  • Hi Harikrishna,

    You could try Saint Louis University in St. Louis MO. They have a Masters in Health Informatics program. They request for TOEFL scores. However, GRE is not required. Check out this link:

    • Hi Hema,

      I am so glad with your reply. I browsed the university site and got the information. But the fee is too high for me to afford it. I am not sure about the probability of getting scholarships or financial aid from that university. 

      If have any idea or info about any good universities offering full time Masters in Health Informatics with low fee and duration for Fall-2012.

      Also please let me know your current role in Health Informatics. Whether you are a student or working some where? If so please let me know where it is.

      I dont have any one to suggest me regarding this course, so I just want to know the info from people like you.

      Thank you for your reply,

      Harikrishna Madeti

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