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Hi Everyone,

This thread is to introduce yourself on the site and to let people know about your background.

I'm a medical doctor by training and a Health Informatics researcher and consultant based in Oxfordshire in the UK. I'm currently working with the University of Oxford on a health informatics research project based in Kenya and running the MOOC on this website.

I spent the previous 7 years in New Zealand as a Lecturer in Health Informatics at the University of Otago and as a Senior Research Fellow in Health Informatics at the National Institute for Health Innovation at the University of Auckland.



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  • Hello All,
    Currently I'm working as a Medical Laboratory Technologist ASCP cm interested in transitioning into the field of informatics. I joined this website to learn more about the field. I'm interested in gaining work experience in informatics. If anyone knows of entry level opportunities, please send me a message. Thanks
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm an IT professional with 17 years experience in healthcare informatics, involved in full life cycle development of EHR, implementation and training, PACS system, Clinical care pathways and outcome metrics. Currently pursuing knowledge and experience in AI and ML in healthcare informatics
  • Hi. I a am a medical doctor with MSc in Health Informatics training from the University of Edinburgh. I am looking for an affordable part time PhD course in Health Informatics. Anybody with info?
  • Hi everyone. Am a public health physician from Nigeria. Am in the last year of my residency programme, but currently studying MSc health informatics at the university of leeds.

    I have interest in affordable technology-driven solutions in public health for low income countries, particularly Nigeria.
    • Welcome to the forum Nnam!
      • thank you. I was hoping to meet you in person today at YCHI leeds. You taught my class via skype. I enjoyed your lecture though. Hope to interact more in future. cheers.
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