Hi Everyone,

This thread is to introduce yourself on the site and to let people know about your background.

I'm a Health Informatics Clinical Research Fellow (medical doctor) at the University of Oxford in the UK.

I spent the previous 7 years in New Zealand as a Lecturer in Health Informatics at the University of Otago and as a Senior Research Fellow in Health Informatics at the National Institute for Health Innovation at the University of Auckland.



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Hello everyone,

I'm currently working as a diagnostic radiology resident and my post graduate studies in health informatics (Egyptian fellowship board). I have a good IT background as web development is one of my hobbies.
My ultimate goal in life is serving mankind through the application of health informatics, so my current work in clinical setting is just temporary as it will only serve limited number of people. Therefore, I'm trying to move to the next level and create new horizons by developing or delivering tools in imaging informatics.

It's a pleasure to meet you all.



Hi Everyone,

I've been a member of this forum for a while but somehow missed this thread to introduce myself to the group.


I'm an informatics professional based in the United Kingdom and working mainly for the National Health Service on Clinical System IT projects all over the country.





Hi Mina, welcome to the forum!



Hello everyone,

My name is Kelly Johnson.  I have 19 years experience in the industry, working first on the payor side for five years, and then for the past 14 years on the provider (physician group/hospital) side.  I currently work for The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (Medical School), as the Performance (Financial) Administrator.  I have an MBA, but I have been considering going back to school for a second masters degree.  I can't decide between a masters degree in Health Informactic, or a masters degree in Forensic Accounting.  So, I thought I would join this forum to learn more about Health Informatics, and maybe it will help me with my decision.  I look forward to interacting with the group.



Hi All,


I am Nkqubela Ruxwana from South Africa. I hold PhD: IT and currently completing MBA. I am a manager for a telecom and work part-time with Tshwane University of Technology. My research interest are ICT for development, ICT for education and e-health





I am a pediatric nurse. I am back in school for my Bachelor's degree. I am taking a course called Nursing Informatics and thougt this would be a great place to learn about informatics  outside of my course work.

Nice to meet you!


Nice to meet you all!

I am a Medical Coding student at Flathead Valley Community College. I joined this forum as an assignment for my Records Management class. 



Hi Everbody,

I am studying medical informatics master. I graduated from computer education and instructional technology department, but I decided to continue my education with medical informatics. Currently, I am studying on mobile health applications, specifically for patient with diabetes. 

I am looking to learn about what is going on with the health informatics in other countries and educational opportunities of health informatics. That's why I've registered for this forum. 

I wish you all a healthy life.


I am a M.B.Ch.B Medical Doctor from Nigeria. I am very interrested in health informatics and hope to start up an EMR vendor in Nigeria, with its over 2000 hospitals and clinics..I hope my country is ready, as she can't boast of constant power suply and there is low computer literacy. However, I am tired of the poor flow of patient care, the many human errors, the redundancy and the lack of records. So I want to know as much as I need to get a team together to bring automation to healthcare in Nigeria. If you want to help, join me!

Hello All,

I am a Physician's Applications Analyst and Medical Interface Analyst for a large corporate healthcare provider in the US.

My skills include: Experience with Oracle SQL, RedHat, HL7 Interfaces, Mirth Connect Interface Engine, Cloverleaf v5.4 & v5.6 Interface Engine, McKesson PACS, McKesson HRM, McKesson HPP, McKesson HCI, McKesson HED, McKesson HOM/Care Manager/Care Organizer, McKesson CAF v10.3 applications, HMS, HMS ClinView & Graphical View, IBM iSeries OS400/AS400.

Glad to be aboard :)

Hi everyone,

I moved to New Zealand to do my PhD at the University of Auckland last year. I'm interested in eHealth innovations and the change they bring about in the health systems. My BSc is in Biomedical engineering and I took my Master in IT systems, where I became interested in eHealth and health informatics.



Hi Everyone,

I am Cecilia Wandera from Kenya working in the Ministry of Medical Serices.  Basically I am officially designated as Health Records & Information Officer - a profession in Kenya which is the official custodian of Health Information.  I am a Health Informatician holding a Masters degree in Health Informatics from Swansea University.  I currently work with the National AIDs/STD Control Programme of Kenya as a Monitoring & Evaluation Programme Officer responsible for HIV surveillance.    I participate in the design of data collection and reporting tools for the national HIV/AIDs programme as well as train and supervise health workers and supporting them in the correct use these tools.  I am also responsible for planning and organizing for the national HIV sentinel surveillance in the ANC clinics.

I will be interested to share and read experiences of others in the field of HI across the world.  

I am also interested in doing an online Phd.  Can someone tell me of the openings that there are in this area, if there are any scholarships for the same and how I can go about getting one?





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