Hi Everyone,

This thread is to introduce yourself on the site and to let people know about your background.

I'm a Health Informatics Clinical Research Fellow (medical doctor) at the University of Oxford in the UK.

I spent the previous 7 years in New Zealand as a Lecturer in Health Informatics at the University of Otago and as a Senior Research Fellow in Health Informatics at the National Institute for Health Innovation at the University of Auckland.



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Hi everyone My name is Steve I am a recent graduate with a BS Degree in Health Information systems. I have been in health care for 15 years as an MRI technologist. so Information systems is a new field for me sort of. I am planning to start my Masters degree this fall.

I am looking forward talking with you all



Hi Everyone,


I am an IT professional from Pune, India, with 7 years of experience. I have been very interested in the healthcare IT space, and am looking to further my career in this direction. I am planning on getting certified in HL7 and then looking for opportunities.  I have no prior experience in this domain.

Is getting this certification a good first step?

If so, should I go for a v3 RIM certification or stick to the v2.6?


Thanks a ton in advance,

Suchitra Bapat



Hello everyone,

I am brand new to the world of Clinical Informatics working in Central Florida. I am looking for some very basic "current" information on the field of informatics and things that may help me gain more insight into the profession.

For example who is the governing agency for Health Informatics Professionals in the US. I do not know if I am using the correct terms I just cannot seem to find much information.


I am moving from patient care to Informatics and would like to have a solid foundation.

Hi Walter,


Welcome to the site. I'd say that AMIA are probably the key organisation but there are others. Have a look at the links on this page:




It is probably also worth having a read of Bob Hoyt's book, you can download it as an eBook:




It gives a very good overview of the current state of health informatics.







I'm a Navy Psychiatrist serving with the Marines here in Hawaii. I have orders to Okinawa Japan this summer (leaving in a few months), where I'll be the Division Psychiatrist for 3d Marine Division for the next three years.


I have a bit of a background in data mining, and have always been interested in collecting/analyzing data to find solutions. During my residency, I wrote a few VBA scripts that helped automate some of our admission and discharge paperwork on the ward. I also launched a website during residency, an early (albeit, amateurish) attempt and getting frequently-used data online (my initial sole purpose of the site was to have certain info available to me at any computer in the hospital!) During my deployment to Afghanistan I developed a patient database both for clinical tracking and for analysis/reporting of trends, etc. I've done the same here again in Hawaii.


So, in very small-scale ways, I've always been looking for ways to capture and use healthcare data in order to

  1. improve patient care
  2. become more efficient
  3. track/analyze mental health trends in whatever micro-environment I'm serving within

So, I'm taking the leap, and am enrolling in UIC's Master of Science in Health Informatics program, I feel like I'm taking a leap of faith, enrolling in an online program (I've always been a little skeptical of distance learning). But, being stationed overseas, I am limited to such programs. Like many of the people on these forums, I too am a bit nervous about the future job prospects in this field. I'd hate to waste two years of my precious free time, and about 30K, on a degree that might not pay off, in terms of future opportunities. We'll see. There's a lot of indications that this field will only grow. This merger of medicine and IT, I feel, is in its early (and awkward!) stages, and I think the future will demand people with interdisciplinary training.


Anyway, I'm glad to be on this forum!


LCDR-S Kevin Nasky, DO

Medical Corps, US Navy

Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

Regimental Psychiatrist, 3d Marine Regiment

Marine Corps Base Hawaii


Hi Kevin


Just a tip on your Distance Learning course (and it's good to be skeptical, because there are many bad ones out there).  With any DL course, it's mostly up to you (the student).  Yes, there will be a resemblance of a f2f course, but if you just wait for the info, you may be disappointed, depending on how the course is being run.  Or you might receive info, with not much guidance on how to use it. 


If you feel that nothing much is happening, then make it happen.  Most DL courses will have forums/discussion areas.  Use those. If you're at a reputable institution, then it is unlikely (though not impossible) that things will be very bad.  But if they are, take control of your learning.


Remember, while the certificate might be valuable, the main goal of improving your knowledge, skills and understanding is entirely up to you, and in a DL course, there is great opportunity for improving all of those.


As for job opportunities?  Well, who knows.  There are no guarantees, and I think the days of getting a degree and expecting a perfect job are long gone.  And I speak from some tough personal experience. :-)





Thanks, Ken. Great advice. I'll keep in mind what you're saying about the need to be proactive in a DL environment. I think that will suit my learning style. I did much better in my 2nd year of med school because I basically stopped going to class, and developed my own learning plan for each block (using the lecture notes and old exams as a guide).


Please don't destroy my dream of the perfect job. I know it's waiting for me out there!  ;)

Yes, it probably is - you might just find yourself waiting a short while first, but it builds character :-).


With DL, time management (and discipline) is core. I took one DL course in STATA some years back and since I was working full-time, managing my time was a HUGE issue. I also did my doctorate program at a university that offered DL in biomedical informatics certificate and a few friends I talked to hinted on time management as the main challenge. In terms of course content, there is no difference with in-class programs. Jobs opportunities in informatics are still great, especially in the US here. So, in my view, your job prospects with informatics a masters is good -- the informatics market continues to grow.


Hello all,


I'm currently working towards a Health Informatics degree. I've had an interest in the field for some time however and was involved in the development of a tool for those with mental illnesses to monitor their symptoms. Longterm goals include an MS in the field.


Best regards,



Hi Everybody,


I am dr Suleman Atique Gondal.I am basically a Pharmacist,Pharm-d(Doctor of Pharmacy).I completed my Pharm-d in 2010.

Recently I have joined the COMSATS Institute of Information technology Islamabad,Pakistan for MS Health Informatics.

I want to know more about this field and want to know that in which field should I go for Research?


Need ur precious peices of Advice and suggestions.I need the friends of my field......


Dr Suleman Atique Gondal



Hi everyone: My name is Joanne Wong. I am a Masters of Health Informatics candidate at the University of Toronto (expected graduation in 2012).  I am very excited to be learning more about this field! I have previously worked at the University Health Network in Toronto in the Shared Information Management Services with the Medical Informatics and the Family Health Team. Here, I gained a lot of knowledge in requirements analysis, and quality assurance in software development. 

My interest lies in information communication technologies and mHealth. The use of mHealth for self-management and allowing for patients to have more personal responsibility perks my interest. 

I am very interested in working in the San Francisco Bay Area on up and coming mHealth technologies. I will be searching for a 4 month placement from May 2012 to June 2012 for my practicum. If you are interested in having an eager person to join your company - feel free to contact me!



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