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  • Dear Meryy

    There also other terms, here is a brief definition focused on differences:

    Similarities: All of the terms concerns electronic format of biomedical and health informatics.

    EPR = Electronic Patient Record. Usually pertains to the information which are collected during patient's stay in a specific medical facility.

    EMR = Electronic Medical Record. At most complete level contains lifetime information of medical encounter of a specific patient. Consists of produced data from measurements and procedures. EMR is a collection of EPRs.

    EHR= Electronic Health Record. In ideal state contains both EMR and all other health care information and issues related to the patient. e.g. Life style, habits, social history etc. Every things that may affect patient health.

    Also emerging of new biologic and genetic technologies who make individuals' genome and proteom information, available and new integrative studies which try to link clinical findings to biological basis, is going to expand the concepts of EHR.

    here are 3 other related terms.

    CIS= Clinical information systems.
    PMS= Practice management systems.
    CHIS= Community Health Information Systems.
    • good evening sir,
      presently I am pursuing Masters in Medical informatics, I was worked for 6 years as Medical records officer in 350 bedded hospital, now I am thinking to do a project on EMR implementation,
      my question is -
      1) What are the latest in and hot topics in EMR development?
      2) how to select rite topic in EMR
      3) is some programming language is must to know (i.e java, .ASP or oracle) ?

      please suggest me in this regards sir???
      • Dear Vijaykumar

        Selecting the hottest topics in EMR depends on your target and context. There are two contexts: 1- Industry 2- Academy and so many targets are possible. You can find at least a very topic of intersection of each target and contexts

        Here are some hot topics in industry:
        1- Efficient handling of standards: e.g. HL7, GEHR
        2- New or enhanced methods for facilitating physician data entry.
        3- Interconnecting physicians, patients, health care facilities, EHR vendors etc.
        4- EHR security (confidentiality, safety and availability)
        5- So many other topics

        Here are some academic hot topics:
        1- CPOE usability.
        2- How to reduce medical error that is induced by EHRs
        3- How to remove identifiable data in EHRs
        4- SNOMED CT pre coordination and post coordination.
        5- etc.

        It can help you a lot if you learn a programming language, off course it is not a must. If you are interested there are a plenty of factors to select proper language. I may suggest you to try for f#. a new language from microsoft .

        • respected sir thank you very much for your valuable suggestions,
          I will follow the suggested topics for further clarifications.
        • Dear Abbas,
          I am a MSc graduated and gonna introduce my PhD proposal. The main issue here is that I cant determine a suitable topic. I came from a medical background - BSc in medical radiology and MSc in health informatics - with a basic computer skills. I hope U suggest me some current topics where I look to work later in an educational university and making my private buisness.

          Thanks for Ur efforts

          Ismaeel .. UK
  • hi,
    EHR and EMR are synonmly using words for computerised medical records.
    In other words some people use the word EHR when it is about particular population health,
  • Dear Alberto

    Virus attacks are general system security issues. Viruses usually target system resources and processes and they are preventable by existing Anti virus applications. Security vulnerabilities of Medical Applications (M.A.) do not fall in this general categories. Usually attacks to medical applications are planned and more specialized for a specific software application and there is a wide range of these vulnerabilities: Designing a specialized worm or virus against a specific application, SQL injection, Compromising of database or system securities and many other possibilities.

    There is no best solution but the best practice is to reduce security risks at each step, from OS installation to UI design.

    There is an interesting issue on this topic, please visit following discussion for further informations:
  • Here is your definition.
  • Hi Meryy

    In general electronic medical records (EMR) are in direct contact to doctor related issues, whereas electronic health records (EHR) deals with the entire system, (billing, appointments, Patient Questionnaire, etc.)
  • EHR is directly related to physician intervention and EMR is related to all medical facility.
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