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I have a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy, with 8 years experience in medical rehab. Lately I have been wanting to do a career change towards healthcare informatics.

And I have been really undecided when choosing between a graduate certificate (master's level) vs an undergraduate certificate (associate's level) in healthcare informatics.

I don't know if I need the graduate certificate to find employment in the Health Informatics field even though I have a Master degree in Occupational Therapy. Or maybe my Master degree would add the weight that an undergraduate certificate lacks. I prefer the undergraduate certificate since it is less costly. However, I don't want to invest money and time into a certificate which later on will not serve me. Honestly, I am undecided. 

I will appreciate so much, any input and advice that you may give to me. 


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  • Hi Annie, generally speaking, having a graduate certificate in that field would help you further than going back for an associate. There are a lots of schools around the country offering them now. also get some certifications like those from AHIMA or HIMSS while you go about it. good luck
  • Recently I spoke to an advisor at a college where they are offering a HIMSS certificate for individuals with a Master degree. I was told that their certificate is not at a graduate level, however the certificate complements a higher degree such as a Master degree. So Im kinda off thrown off by what the advisor told me and your advice. I still want to say thank you so very much for your advice.
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