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Educational EHR Project with LibreHealth EHR

I have been concerned for many years that the informatics community should have an open source EHR to use for training and other important functions. For my classes I use OpenEMR. Recently, a new collaboration was begun between some of the teams from OpenEMR and OpenMRS to create LibreHealth EHR and other projects. They envisioned an educational EHR and I am now taking the lead on this. Our short term vision would be to make this EHR available, fully loaded with about 10,000 patients, using NHANES data. Long term funding might allow for educational content/case studies to be created to accompany this educational version. Additionally, we would hope to integrate machine learning with LibreHealth so predictive analytics would be part of the package. Other secondary uses of data and this platform might be EHR research, NLP, FHIR apps and database management exercises. 

I sent out a survey to about 400 Health Informatics instructors and have received about 60 responses so far. The vast majority of respondents would consider an open source EHR for teaching, as well as secondary uses of the data and platform. 

If you are an instructor of Health Informatics and want to take the survey, it can be found here.  Don't hesitate to post here or email me at if you have comments. Thanks.

Bob Hoyt

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