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I will like  to be enlightened  about the position or faith of the Non medical graduates of PhD in Clinical Informatics when allowed to compete in the job markets with those medical doctors that will be board certified Clinical Informaticians come 2013


thanks Billy

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  • ...about the position or faith?

    Wish I knew what the question was asking! :S

    • Thank you, Chris. My point is that how will a graduate of Clinical Informatics ( with PhD degree) get job as a Clinical Informatician if he/she has not been board certified like other physicians that will be board certified after 3-6months of accelerated classes.

      I read from an article that the first review classes will be held in this year and the first Board certified Clinical Informaticians (to be awarded by the Association of Preventive medicine of American ) will emerge in the first quarter of 2013.

      My fear is that many institutions will begin to request for board certified Informatician; in order words creating artificial scarcity of Clinical INformatics

      • Thanks for clarifying.  Since I'm a nurse I'll tell you my experience with something similar.  

        Right now you see a bunch of schools going gaga trying to offer a master's in nursing informatics.  I only have a bachelor's in nursing and I would say that within the last year or so I have seen jobs being advertised with something like this:


        • Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, required. Masters Degree, preferred.

        Fortunately for me, I have a more than 6 years of experience implementing applications across all types of hospitals and there are tons of jobs out there that basically say, nursing degree required, and implementation experience preferred.

        Do I worry about all those candidates that are coming out of school with master's degree in nursing informatics? Hell no.  Sure, there are jobs out there right now that I won't qualify for because some require a master's degree, but I'm very confident that with my experience and expertise finding a job will never be a problem.

        Matter of fact, I can do a search for nursing informatics jobs, and a good majority of them just want somebody with a nursing degree and someone with experience in the field.  The fact that universities are pumping a lot of candidates with masters in nursing informatics is kind of irrelevant to these positions.  

        Of course, if you want to be a manager, director having a master's is definitely a requirement you can't get away from, but those are the type of jobs I'm not interested in at the moment.

        I'm guessing that the same will happen with doctors.  There are jobs out there that specifically will want candidates with clinical experience and a few more will specifically require that you're board certified, as you state; but there will be many other  jobs that won't.  And if you have valuable skills to provide to an employer, what is there to fear?  As the cliché say, fear is for the weak.

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