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I would like to start a discussion where people can learn more about Health Informatics Career. For example: what are the job prospects in this field and where one can find the stats of people who graduated with Health Informatics Master degree hold a steady jobs. It would be great if all of us can share our experience and how it is like to be in this field.

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  • Hi Aamer. Great question! Hopefully we'll get some discussion about career options for HI professionals.

    I would say there are many different pathways for HI people including industry, academic and clinical settings. Different pathways are suitable for people with different backgrounds and skill sets.

    Examples of the types of jobs are (in no particular order): programmer, project manager, educator/lecturer, researcher, CMIO, CIO, support, sales, consultant, analyst, director plus many more.

    Take a look at the jobs available at for some more examples.
    • Thanks Chris for the reply. However, I am still not sure or have the information on this emerging field. I am currently working for Financial industry as a HR person. Do I need to be in a Health feild in order to do my Masters in Health Informatics? Most of the jobs looks for RN or some other health realted background. Since I don't have that, can I still pursue my Masters in HI?

      Last week, I went to see a Health Informatics Program Manager at Ohio State. She couldn't give me much detail on how secure this field will be for me. I don't want to go to Master school and get into 24K debt and have no job prospect. I am at the age where I need to follow a secure job and a career. I really like the Health Informatics beacuse I want to work with computers. I am taking my GRE exam next month. Thank you for your respond.
  • Aamer, if you are ever gonna get that info. i would very grateful if you would share it with me coz i have this great paasion for health informatics. I have undergraduate degree in health education and promotion. So my next move is to venture in to Health informatics. i wanna know what the job prospects are like, how marketable it is. lets keep in touch. Im from Zimbabwe in Africa. Im gonna be writing my GREs and TOEFL within the next few weeks.
  • hello friends,i m pursuing my MBA in health informatics from India.i m very confuse abt the job security of tis field.i wud b very greatful if somebody can guide me as soon as possible.
    • Dear JIA

      May I know which university is offering MBA in Health Informatics. I woulod be very much interested in knowing the details.

      • hi!suryanath. jamia hamdard is offering mba in public health informatics.
        • Than you Jia. I could not see your reply earlier as i was little busy.
          Where is this university.

          Thank you

    • Hi!

      May I know wherefrom in India you are pursuing MBA in Health Informatics?

  • Hello Aamer

    I share the forum member's concern regarding vagueness in finding these positions. I certainly do not see many clear-cut options advertised in general. I do think this makes this field even more exciting and opens opportunity for us currently in the field to break through the constraints that we might face right now to identify the areas where there are possibilities for employment in the field.
    I am currently employed at a university as Researcher in their Health Informatics Dept. I am keen to progress after my Post Graduate Diploma in HI and currently working towards a Masters in Health Informatics possibly commencing early next year.

    I find it hard to browse for this kind of position on any general recruitment site (medical/health or otherwise) If I find good hits, I will post the links on this forum, so keep a look-out for that.
    In my experience there is some overlapping with other job descriptions such as Health Information Management which is not exactly the HI field that I am particularly interested in.

    Nursing has certainly been involved in the programs on a global scale. Universities certainly advertise HI positions (such as the position that I currently have)
    There are also various positions in medical facilities available as project managers. I think it is safe to summise that searching for this type of position will be the answer.
    I recently found an advertisement in the local careers website which sounds interesting and could suit a wide variety of HI interested parties.

    Quote: We are currently looking for Project Managers that will manage the development of various standards across a number of industries.
    To perform in this role you will have come from one of the below industry.
    - Engineering - Mechanical or Civil
    - Electrical engineering
    - Health Care or Health Informatic

    It is hard to find a defined 'structured' job description although I am in no doubt that there are positions a-plenty globally (as mentioned by Chris Paton)
    I am certainly on the look-out but will feel a lot more confident with a Masters Degree in hand! Perhaps a higher qualification, experience in the related specialties or additional IT skills/cert might also be an answer before commencing a Post Graduate course. I certainly hope to hear from other HI professionals regarding their experience in finding suitable positions and hope to share any news in this regard.
  • My view on this is that the academic sector is probably the sector with greatest employment opportunities in health informatics, because new graduates of health sciences will need to be taught health informatics. Also, a lot of research is needed in this field, particularly in the developing countries. Another area that comes to mind is information science fields of the the health sector (hospitals, city/national government, international organizations, etc.). A third area is again in hospitals/governments but at managerial level – with so much informatics in their health systems, health informatics people would be an ideal person who can understand the issues from the perspectives of the health people (doctors/nurses) as well as have an intelligent discussion with the IT people,and manage and monitor development in this area in their setting to ensure it meets needs and requirements – this is particularly a useful post for developing countries where vulnerability to inappropriate IT solutions can be high. Other than that, employment in this can be in any area you can dream of – there is still a huge scope for application development, that is if you are into programming.

    For the question on whether you need to be a health person to graduate in health informatics, the answer is no - anyone can go into this field. Having said that, my personal view is that a health person (doc/nurse/health sciences background person) will have the edge because the environment you work in is the health sector and a health person would better understand that environment and be able to better engage with the health professionals.

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