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Hi all-- I'm currently a nursing student at Miami of Ohio and I am in a healthcare informatics class right now. I wanted to know in your opinion what the biggest impact of health informatics has been? As well as how healthcare informatics can be used to formulate a standard healthcare approach internationally. Thanks!

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  • If anyone could give me a brief response to my questions that would be greatly appreciated!!! Doesn't have to be much--thank you!


  • Hi Megan,

    Health informatics can help formulate a standard healthcare approach by allowing access to the current best evidence for clinicians. There are lots of ways of doing this but some key technologies are the use of portals such as medline and Cochrane and clinical decision support systems. Other initiatives that align with this idea are things like the Map of Medicine and OpenEHR archetypes.

    • Are other countries as involved in using sites like Cochrane and Medline? I know sites like these as well as nursing research help clinicians use the best evidence based practice, but I feel like many health care facilities worldwide practice differently than we do in the United States. So I don't know how much they would really put into practice what they are seeing on these portals. Also, I feel like we are just moving into putting everything online and even here hospitals are still using paper and pen.

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