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  • what about an LVN with a BS in Health Informatics?
    • Hi Ronald,
      The survey doesn't specify salaries to that level of granularity. Here is what they say about qualifications/certification and salary:
      Respondents who have a certification in nursing informatics have higher average salaries ($119,644) than do those respondents who do not have certification for nursing informatics ($93,787). Those respondents with CPHIMS certification also have higher average salaries ($110,291) compared to those that do not have CPHIMS ($98,198).
    • Don't rely on that survey. I'm on the field, and i can tell you the averages are not 98k.  Go to, put in clinical informatics coordinator, put in any region you want, and you'll get highly salary information.  You will also see that averages are not even near 90k. 
  • I have discussed this nursing informatics salary survey in my blog, and is pure bollocks to say the least.  I'm a nurse, I'm in the field, I work with recruiters, I have friends in the field, and salaries are not averaging 98k; more like 75k to 80k.  Even though the survey shows that 40% of the people interviewed worked in hospitals, I wonder if these people are out of high paying regions, like NY city, Boston, etc. You can easily do a search on any job search engine and you will see that most salaries in nursing informatics start in the 50's, and go to maximums of 80k.  
    A better site that gives you extremely reliable and realistic data, is  Put in clinical informatics coordinator, and you will see data for whatever region you're in, and from personal experience, i can tell you that this data is highly accurate and the average highs as in the 75k-85k range, not the BS 98k that the survey shows. I took some data and created a post in blog about this:
    Now, if you work as a consultant, then yes, this is most likely a good average, but not for somebody working at a hospital, or even working at a vendor like cerner, epic, etc.  They are known for low balling candidates, specially nurses.
    • Hi Chris S,
      I thought cerner hires HI people as consultants to launch/implement their products. May be I was wrong, please correct me.
      • Yes, they hire HI people, but they also hire new grads fresh out of college and they train them up; I have some friends who have a marketing degree, an economics degree, even a history degree and they are out in the field doing extremely well implementing cerner products.

         Cerner, just like Epic, trains these new grads pretty well.  Is rough at first, but once they get the ropes, not bad at all.   However, that doesn't mean that cerner is going to hire you at 98k if you're an entry level candidate.  

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