I would like to start a discussion where people can learn more about Health Informatics Career. For example: what are the job prospects in this field and where one can find the stats of people who graduated with Health Informatics Master degree hold a steady jobs. It would be great if all of us can share our experience and how it is like to be in this field.

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Hi Taralika,

Thank you for that link. That was very insightful!
HIM openings in Chicago
I came across Advocate Health Care in Chicago and they have openHealth Information Management Jobs if anyone finds this helpful. Not sure if this was the correct place to post this. I just know that I have been searching forums, jobboards and career pages of places I would like to work to find a HIM jobs.
Hey Aamer, thank you for asking this question. its a new field, my hope is that the passion i have for this health informatics will lead me somewhere. I am right now seeking for scholarships to study this. Any one have ideas? I would be grateful for any information concerning this.
and for all you going to sit for GRE, all the best.
Hello Aamer,,,I'm in the last year of my study in medical record program,,,hohohoho I have no experience before about health informatics career, but my lecture said that we could be anything in health professionals or we could get another job but its connecting with health such as yeah like chris said programmer, lecture, analyst or in insurance office may be...^-^x
By visiting an established company like http://www.janelewis.co.uk.
Just like to share some informative info about healthcare informatics. I provided in my profile page some information and at JNTC Articles, I provided the list of our current openings that relate to this particular field. While it is a growing field, even the professionals in these positions are shaping the direction of this industry.

There are not so many people who graduated with this Career. There are more people who are healtcare practitioners mostly Nurses, Pharmacists, Therapists and Medical Doctors who took their inquisitive talents into the information highway through hands-on experience and integrate their clinical skills towards the shaping of the so called informatics. However, there are many advanced medical institutions who took initiatives in establishing programs that cater to this field. One of the Universities I found has their first batch of Masters in Healthcare Informatics graduating this Fall 2009. Few Universities had their PharmD focused on Pharmacy Informatics - however, while speaking to the graduates - they too have their challenges because of the tremendous amount of technological improvement that are coming out which every facilities are embracing.

Today, based on my personal assessment on what is going on with the market. This is an industry that will get its share for growth. More and more facilities are looking for people professionals who understand the pre-implementation phase of hospital's information highway and the like ...
Hi there, I am a medical practioner/doctor (GP) in Auckland, and I have enrolled on a course to take some papers which will lead to a post graduate diploma in Health Informatics. I am doing this for my own interest. I am still not entirely sure exactly what Health Informatics is, and reading this discussion, I guess it is an evolving and new field, with , at the moment people from different backgrounds: clinical and computer. The course I am doing alows papers to be taken from the compueter science degree, the epidemiology/health sciences, and business departments. I was keen to do some computer science papaers, but the department of people running the course are steering me more to the business and epidemiology side, which is fine. In fact I am only doing one paper to start with. I ahve to keep working full time too.
I was still at school when the very first computers started, and then have seen them eveolve, especially in my own practise, but also at home with internet etc. We now do all our cinical notes and billing on computer, and a lot of information is downloaded on our patients with chronic illnesses, diabetes, cardiovascular risk . Age sex register is downloaded every three months which is then used to determine how much our practice is paid by the government. We have other computerised claims and clical templates for accidents, depression, other mental illness.
So computers play a huge role in my day to day work.

In the longrun however, I would hope to gain some part time employment or start a Health Informatics company/consultancy, with some other Health Informatics specialists, probably with a different background to mine.
Really to comment on health informatics degrees, i feel its a waste of time|. most of them in the industry looks at skills specific to the the industry requirements and there is no specific credential requirements for people who work in the industry or for people who teach in the program, my experience towards health informatics studies have been on the negative side. there are other healthcare degrees which can have better health care opportunity like the MPH/MHA then the health informatics. And where in he can acquire the required skills on the information technology by interest or based on the industry requirement rather do two years of masters. masters health informatics may be beneficial for people who intend to do research or PHD or people of IT background who have nil health care experience or people who would be sponsored for senior position. there is not much demand or money compared to the commercial degrees.
Thank you Aamer, the job prospects is great, you can be emplopyed in health institutions, government or privatly owned, public health institutions, insurance companies and as acedemia in the university. Am confident you would hold a steady job and be furfilled for the rest of your life.
Hi! I am an MSc health informatics manager graduate with some project and IT experience from Hungary. I would like to start working somewhere abroad. Any suggestion where i should start to search jobs or projects?
Hi Aamer . one of issues in this field is how can we choose a way to find better scientific subfield and finaly career .
i think we can not discuss it because of different between situations . it depends on our experience in the past and scientific background and interesting areas for research . all of research areas are hot.
so , we must just walk in our ways!

I'm in the last year of my study in health informatics but still confuse to my career.still worried the acceptance the outside the new course in my country



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