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Graduate Certificate

Hi, I am thinking of pursuing a health information management graduate certificate degree from Portland Oregon.I have no prior work experience in this field, so will appreciate if someone can tell me what are the job prospects after doing this course for a fresher.  Thanks.

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Medical Informatics Course : Batch-30

eHCF School of Medical Informatics, promoted by eHealth-Care Foundation invite you to the 3 months distance learning program leading to Certificate in Medical Informatics.Application Last date 14 August 2014Course start date 15 September 2014For all details browse: http://www.ehcfsmi.edu.inCall us on +91-9313764794 (24 Hours Support)

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Harvard's Health Information Technology Executive Program

Hello All, I hope you all find information below on Harvard School of Public Health Executive and Continuing Professional Education's Leadership Strategies for Information Technology in Health Care helpful.     Leadership Strategies for Information Technology in Health Care February 2–6 (Part 1) June 1–5, 2015 (Part 2)Boston, MA https://ecpe.sph.harvard.edu/Health-IT Improve quality, safety, and efficiency through health information technology and gain the leadership skills you need to drive results. You will learn to design an effective health IT strategy and gain the tools to implement this strategy effectively. Modules in this program include IT strategy and governance, EHRs, maximizing quality and safety, and clinical informatics strategy and innovation. In this executive-level program, you will: Improve your ability to increase quality, decrease costs, and advance patient safety through health information technology; Enhance your health IT leadership skills, focusing on…

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ONC Medical Informatics Fellowships

ONC announces an opportunity for Medical Informatics Fellows to promote standards-based interoperability, clinical quality improvement and clinical decision support. The Medical Informatics Fellowship is a 1-2 year term appointment in which the physician serves in the Office of Clinical Quality and Safety, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). Goals: Apply knowledge and expertise to advance the ONC mission of  interoperability. Understand the role the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT in regulating and certifying health information technologies. Understand how Health IT impacts the delivery of health care today and serves as a driver of practice transformation and payment reforms. Required: By completion of the program the Medical Informatics Fellow is expected to: Complete one (1) written critical analysis of an area of medical informatics or applications of health IT outlining current opportunities, challenges and recommended…

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MIT Technology Review: Data-Driven Healthcare Report

MIT Technology Review have published a report about the use of information technology in healthcare. You can register to download the report or read a number of articles without registering on their website: Can Technology Fix Medicine? More Phones, Fewer Doctors IBM Aims to Make Medical Expertise a Commodity 23andMe Tries to Woo the FDA Mobile Health’s Growing Pains Blood Sugar Crash Data in Action Big Data Mining Big Pharma Opens Up Its Big Data Modernizing the Medical Record Big Money, Uncertain Return A Closer Look at Data-Driven Health Care

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Best schools for MHI

Hello Everyone I am relatively new to the IT field. I have a medical background and wish to pursue masters in health informatics from a good school, possibly on campus. Would like to start a discussion here about the best schools for this program. PLease contribute and share from your experiences.

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4 Replies · Reply by Kim Mozejko on Friday

Google and Novartis to Develop "Smart" Contact Lens for Diabetics

The FT is reporting that Google and Novartis are going to market a new type of contact lens that can detect glucose levels in people with diabetes. The lens uses a sensors that can detect glucose levels in eye fluid and send the results of a smartphone carries by the user. They are also developing an 'auto-focusing' lens that can help people who have difficult shifting from near to long-distance vision.

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Informatics skills and training for medical student?

I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but any pointers to literature, previous discussions or experience sharing is appreciated. - What health informatics skills should medical students acquire? - More generally, what IT skills should they acquire? - What/ how informatics training should be provided to them? - How to assess their informatics skills? These questions arose as I'm involved in teaching medical students in my family medicine clinic, and I've met different medical students - generally they have better IT skills compared to the older generation (at least in terms of use of smartphone, internet search, social media etc.), but I'm not sure if their general IT competence can automatically be translated to better health informatics skills. I've also talked to the professors involved in medical curriculum design, but they seem to have little idea as well.

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3 Replies · Reply by David Wong Jul 10

Competencies in clinical informatics for medical education

A new paper by Bill Hersh and colleagues on clinical informatics in medical education: Beyond information retrieval and electronic health record use: competencies in clinical informatics for medical education Authors: Hersh WR, Gorman PN, Biagioli FE, Mohan V, Gold JA, Mejicano GC Abstract: Physicians in the 21st century will increasingly interact in diverse ways with information systems, requiring competence in many aspects of clinical informatics. In recent years, many medical school curricula have added content in information retrieval (search) and basic use of the electronic health record. However, this omits the growing number of other ways that physicians are interacting with information that includes activities such as clinical decision support, quality measurement and improvement, personal health records, telemedicine, and personalized medicine. We describe a process whereby six faculty members representing different perspectives came together to define competencies in…

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Tool for PQRS and CPCI submissions

Hello all, I developed some software to help with submission of quality measurement data and I'm trying to figure out if it would be useful to anyone else. If you submit quality measurement data, particularly if you submit for either the Physician Quality Reporting System or the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative and have time for a quick chat, I'd love to talk to you.

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