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Two new software engineering positions at the University of Oxford.

Senior Software Engineer

Applications to be received by 12pm on Monday 13th of February 2017

Grade 8: £39,324 - £46,924 p.a.

This is an excellent opportunity for a Senior Software Engineer to join the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO) team. The IDDO hosts a collection of data-sharing platforms, bringing together clinical, pharmacology, molecular, in vitro and…

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Job Title: Clinical Information Analyst - Informatics: location Nairobi, Kenya

Reports to: Department Head Research Africa

Your challenge:

Research brings meaningful innovations to market via close collaboration with Healthcare sector.To foster speeding up end-to-end innovation from idea to market, Philips creates the differentiation through clinical domain expertise combined with intelligent and meaningful data transformation. Philips Research Africa plays a key role…

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Best Place to Study Publlic Health Informatics

Hi everyone, little help here. I wish you could tell me the best university to study public health informatics for a a master degree. I studied public health for my undergraduate degree and i wish to continue my study to the next level and I find that public health informatics would be nice, since there are not many people taking public health informatics as their master degree. i live in Indonesia and there is not one specific course for the public health informatic only. It's merged into…

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Starting out

I am trying to discussion with someone because I have questions in regards to a career path in this field.‬ I would like to know if a Masters Degree is necessary to enter the field and if not what experience is?

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Seeking Participants for Dissertation Survey on Mobile Health Technologies

Hi All, As part of my dissertation research at Columbia University, Teachers College I am conducting a survey on mobile health technologies (such as cell phones, tablets, PDAs and wearable tech) that are being used for chronic disease management, disease prevention, or health promotion. The survey is confidential and completely anonymous, and respondents will have a chance to win either a $300, $200, or $100 amazon gift card.  It is my hope that this research will contribute to identifying best…

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How can nursing informatics be integrated within the workplace for working RN's?

Use of Health Informatics in the Workplace               When dealing with direct patient care on a day to day basis, a nurse becomes very dependent on the information systems and technology available and necessary for the job, such as the PYXIS, the EMAR, and a variety of other computer and documentation systems. When these systems fail, or present a challenge to understand and facilitate use on top of the physical and mental demands of caring for possibly acute patients, it can affect the…

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eLearning Courses

Introduction to Health IT

This free online course, Introduction to Health IT: Health Management Information Systems, is a “theory” component that provides an introduction to health care applications and the systems that use them, health information technology standards, health-related data structures, and enterprise architecture in health care organizations.

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Installation and Maintenance of Health IT Systems

This free course, Installation and Maintenance of Health IT Systems, covers fundamentals of selection, installation and maintenance of typical Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. Students will be introduced to the principles underlying system configuration including basic hardware and software components, principles of system selection, planning, testing, troubleshooting, and final deployment.  System security and procedures will also be introduced in this component.

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Configuring Electronic Health Records

This free online course, Configuring Electronic Health Records, provides a practical experience with a laboratory component (utilizing the VistA for Education program) that will address approaches to assessing, selecting, and configuring EHRs to meet the specific needs of customers and end-users.

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Standards, Networking and Health Information Exchange

This free online course, Standards, Networking and Health Information Exchange, will introduce the student to networking and health information exchange aspects of health IT. The course covers the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) ISO standard, EHR and health data interchange standards and privacy and security issues associated with health information exchange.

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Usability and Human Factors

This free online course, Usability and Human Factors, will discussion of rapid prototyping, user-centered design understanding effects of new technology workflow on downstream processes; facilitation of unit-wide focus groups or simulation.

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Vendor-Specific Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems

This free online course, Vendor-Specific Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems, will provide an in-depth discussion in Vendor-Specific Systems, focusing specifically in areas such as system and database architectures used in commercial Electronic Health Records (EHRs), vendor strategies for terminology, knowledge management, ways to assess decision support capabilities in EHRs, and finally vendor-specific training (go-live strategies).

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Working with Health IT Systems

This free online course, Working with Health IT Systems, is a laboratory component. Students will work with simulated systems or real systems with simulated data.  As they play the role of practitioners using these systems, they will learn what is happening “under the hood.”  They will experience threats to security and appreciate the need for standards, high levels of usability, and how errors can occur.

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Working in Teams

Working in Teams is an experiential course that helps trainees become “team players” by understanding their roles, the importance of communication, and group cohesion.

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Professionalism/Customer Service in the Health Environment

This free online course, Professionalism/ Customer Service in the Health Environment, develops the skills necessary to communicate effectively across the full range of roles that will be encountered in healthcare and public health settings.

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Planning, Management and Leadership for Health IT

This free online course, Planning, Management and Leadership for Health IT, targets those preparing for leadership roles, principles of leadership and effective management of teams.  Emphasis on the leadership modes and styles best suited to IT deployment.

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Quality Improvement in Health IT

This free online course, Quality Improvement in Health IT, introduces the concepts of health IT and practice workflow redesign as instruments of quality improvement.  It addresses establishing a culture that supports increased quality and safety. It also discusses approaches to assessing patient safety issues and implementing quality management and reporting through electronic systems.

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Health Workflow Process Analysis & Redesign

This free online course, Health Workflow Process Analysis & Redesign, covers fundamentals of health workflow process analysis and redesign as a necessary component of complete practice automation.  Process validation and change management are also covered.

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Public Health IT

This free online course, Public Health IT, is specifically for individuals interested in a career in public health. This component will provide an overview of specialized public health applications such as registries, epidemiological databases, biosurvelliance, public health reporting alerts, quality reporting, and how to adopt/use of population health functions for electronic health records and consumer functions for personal health records. In addition, this component will address the potential of public health information technology for health promotion and chronic disease prevention.

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History of Health Information Technology in the U.S.

This free online course, History of Health Information Technology in the U.S., traces the development of IT systems in health care and public health, beginning with the experiments of the 1950s and 1960s and culminating in the HITECH act, including the introduction of the concept of “meaningful use” of electronic health records.

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